John Sweazey created Anaba Wines because, quite simply, he just loves the wine business. "I never personally wanted to be a winemaker," John explains. "My desire to get into the business was fueled by my long-time interest in production, making the best possible wine from the finest grapes, then marketing and selling it. To me, that’s the romance of wine." A native of Chicago, John headed west to Stanford University for college, where he earned a degree in economics. In 2003 he was finally able to begin his search for a premium winegrowing property in Sonoma, finding a serendipitous spot in Western Carneros, where cool winds temper the summer heat, allowing for a longer growing season for his chosen grape varieties. Inspired by the unique upward anabatic wind patterns that prevail, he decided to name it Anaba. In shaping Anaba, John relies on his proven track record as a team builder, creating an environment where people are excited about their work and share their passion for wine. Jennifer Marion is the winemaker.