The legendary Konstantinos Antonopoulos founded the winery in the late 70’s.  Having grown up in the Achaia region, Mr. Antonopoulos saw the potential of Achaia because of the diverse landscape: where mountainous terrain and the two gulfs of Petra and Corinth meet.  This contrast and mineral soil structure give the Antonopoulos wines a unique personality that stays true to Achaia region.  Following the sudden death of Mr. Antonopoulos in 1994m Yannis Halikias, with the support of the Antonopoulos family, assumed control of Antonopoulos Vineyards and had continue the important work of Konstantinos Antonopoulos.  Yannis’ loyalty to the vision of the winery has kept the high level of standard in supporting the indigenous varieties of the Achaia region.  A new up to-date winery has been built recently at the village of Vasiliko Achaia where the majority of the winery’s vineyards are. Other vineyards are in the region of Achaia at an altitude ranging from 150 to 900 meters.