The history of the winery goes back to the 1952, where the grandfather, Artemis Kalamolegos, was cultivating the vineyards in order to produce wine for his own family and later on, in order to sell it in the island and in the rest of Greece.  Artemis Karamolegos, the grandson who succeeded his grandfather and his father at the winery of Exo Gonia, is an energetic young man full of passion for his job.  Since 2004 and until today, he managed to lead, miraculously, the family business many steps ahead very fast.  In 2004, a turn to a modern and of a high quality production winery took place. The very first but most important step was to renew part of the old vineyards by planting new rare varieties from Santorini – like the varieties of Aidani, the Mavrotragano, the Mavrathiro and the Voudomato. Still the main variety is the famous Assyrtiko grape.