The youthful and ebullient Jim Maresh (27 years old) is having a wonderful time operating his one-man winery if for no other reason than his access to the family-owned, venerable Maresh Vineyard with its high elevation old vines dating back to 1974. Maresh Vineyard produces some of the most sought after and acclaimed fruit in Oregon. Jim’s grandfather (also named Jim) bought the land that is now the Maresh Vineyard in 1959 and began converting the orchards to vineyard land shortly thereafter (at that time there were only 5 wineries in Oregon and less than 35 vineyard acres planted in the entire state). Jim’s wine operation is currently a one man band with an army of supporters. His grandfather Jim helps him farm the land, his mom helps him run the books, and his legions of winemaking friends help him with production. He has apprenticed with several heavy hitters including Lynn Penner Ash at Penner Ash in 2003, Mark Vlosak at St. Innocent in 2004, and John Paul at Cameron in 2005. Jim is growing his production exponentially. He farmed and managed one acre in 05 and has since increased his production to 6 acres. He plans to continue to grow the operation as funding allows and has no intention of leaving Oregon. No more. Illinois is the first state outside of Oregon where his wines are distributed.