After a long and careful search to find the best site possible to plant Pinot Noir, Mohamad “Mo” Ayoub found the land he dreamt about nestled in the Dundee Hills. Untouched to vines – Mo saw the perfect potential to plant Pinot Noir and create a sustainable, healthy and top producing vineyard. The volcanic jory soils, south-facing slopes and fertile land made it an easy decision to plant four prized acres of vines in 2001. 
The Dundee Hills appellation is highly respected and known for its bright and elegant wines. In 2004, Mo was able to unveil the potential of his land by producing a wine from the vines he meticulously planted and cared for. The results proved to be flourishing, providing bright fruit and unique complexity, creating an elegant Pinot Noir.  Ayoub is committed to producing a limited amount of Pinot Noir of the highest quality. The current release, 2005 Ayoub Pinot Noir, will be available in November 2006. 

The Dundee Hills has earned an internationally recognized reputation for producing high quality New World Pinot Noir. Winters are mild and wet, while summers are warm and dry, each being influenced by the marine air from the Pacific Ocean. The Cascade Mountains protect the valley from the ocean and act as a rain shadow to minimize the rainfall as it moves from the water to inland. The climatic influences provide the perfect opportunity for the fruit to develop with full character and flavor profiles.

The Ayoub Vineyard is located in the heart of the red hills of Dundee.  It is farmed by hand with great respect and care for the land, vines and natural surroundings.  The steep sloped southeast-facing four acres site, with its red clay volcanic soil, is ideal for producing high quality Pinot Noir.  It is densely planted resulting in low-yielding vines to increase the flavor of the fruit.