Banknote Wine Company is the product of two passions: Wine & Design. Pete Nixon; a graphic designer by trade, a wine lover at heart, he saw the opportunity to merge his two passions into one. By combining the poetic images of early banknotes, with the timeless tradition of wine, Banknote Wine Company was born. The conscious decision to actually take the plunge into the wine business was a few years ago, it was basically the realization that Pete’s three biggest hurdles actually were achievable. It was the perfect convergence of finding: 1. winemaker, 2. good source of fruit, and 3. the capital to bankroll the company, all at the same time. During a meeting with a client and friend, winemaker William "Bill" Knuttel, talk turned to the dream he had of starting his own brand. Pete explained his ideas of the brand and what he was someday hoping to achieve. After a few hours of discussion (and a few glasses of Zin), Bill graciously agreed to make wine for Banknote and to help Pete’s dream turn to reality. Bill Knuttel has years of winemaking experience (Chalk Hill and Saintsbury to name a few), and he also has lots of great sources for excellent fruit, two of the biggest hurdles solved. The financing was the easy part, he borrowed it!