At the Pelješac peninsula, in the vineyard region known as Dingač (pronounced Din-gach), winemaker Niko Bura and his family have partnered with AIG Chairman Robert Benmosché, and they replanted Plavac Mali, a relative of Zinfandel, in seafront vineyards. A state-of- the-art winery and tasting room are planned on a stunning site that features a pre-Roman cave along with military bunkers and docks of the Austro-Hungarian era. Robert Benmosche, was the CEO of MetLife when he retired in 2006 to become a winemaker in Croatia. The Empire State native had built a wine collection of a few thousand bottles when a trip to Dubrovnik sparked an interest in making Zinfandel. Robert bought land on Pelješac peninsula, and planted Plavac Mali grapes in protected region where Plavac Mali gives the best results. And in Viganj he planted Zinfandel. At the time he was investing in vineyards, they found out that Zinfandel is genetically the same as Crljenak Kaštelanski. Both Dingač and Zinfandel are coming from young vineyards planted in 2006. Wines are made with traditional techniques and kept in barrique barrels for 12 months and in bottle another 18 months.