With its 50.6 hecteres and 82 owners, Clos Vougeot epitomizes the fragmented Burgundian vineyard.  As a result of its large surface area and varying soild make-up as well as its multiplicity of proprietors, Clos Vougeot wines vary greatly in quality depending on the position in the clos of the vines and the talent of the vigneron.  The most important owner is Château de la Tour, whose vines are admirably sited and whose wine is equally admirable.  The château is actually situated inside the clos, hugging its northern side and lying below the historic Château du Clos de Vougeot.  It was constructed in the late 1880s by the Beaune négociant Maison Beaudot Frères, who sold it and its vines to another négociant, Morin Père & fils, in 1920.  Eventually the estate passed into hands of two sisters, Madames Labet and Déchelette, daughters of Jean Molin, and from the 1975 vintage, Jacqueline Labet took an active part in the day-to-day running of the estate, then in 1986 her son François took over.  François Labet was convinced that the estate was not performing to its full potential, and got in touch with enologist Guy Accud to work out how to improve the wine.


website: www.chateaudelatour.com