The Durup family wine growers for many generations have cultivated the vineyards of Chablis for centuries.  Jean Durup reassembled the vineyards of the Château de Maligny, an estate managed during the last century by Paul Gally his great grandfather.  The overwhelming percentage of ideally exposed hillsides, flinty soil and steep slopes, guarantees wines of exceptional quality.

Château de Maligny an awesome sight is a restored castle with a mote around it that dates back to the 12th century.  Current owner Jean Durup was in Mitterands cabinet, spent 8 million euros improving the property, Louis 14th, the sun king, original furniture in the tasting room, only by appointment, not open to the public.  Today the slave quarters have been transformed into the cellar.  All the finest Restaurants in France stock Maligny. All the finest restaurants in France want to have Maligny and for sure, it is one of the most famous Chablis producers in France.  All of their vineyards have Southern Exposure.