The reputation of the estate Sainte Marie goes back many centuries ago to 1874, the Feret (one of the most famous Bordeaux wine encyclopedia) mentioned the production of the estate i.e 8 barrels in red and white wines.  One of the Estates of the Abbey located in la Sauve Majeure (one of the most ancient abbeys in France 4 km away from the Château) this classy old house was destroyed in a fire during the 18th century.
Located in the heart of the Entre-Deux-Mers area, Château Sainte Marie enjoys an optimal geographical situation.  Estate’s vineyards are ideally exposed and stretched over two sunny hills, among the highest points in the Gironde department.  Old vines are producing perfect grapes, among which Semillon and Merlot older than 100 years are the guarantee of an always more quality-oriented production.  Since 1956, the Dupuch-Mondon family runs the estate with passion and determination and a particular attachment to the typicity and originality of the terroir.  Gilles Dupuch took over the estate in 1982 when he realized the capacities and the potential of the Entre-Deux-Mers terroir to produce great wines.

Stéphane his youngest son, after his wine studies in Montpellier, when he also dedicated himself to his other passion (sailing) took over in 1997.  He knows the estate by heart, he knows every wine and barrel and the wine aging in.