The Coca i Fitó winery is a family project in D.O. Montsant, with the aim of elaborating quality wines oriented at the restaurants at am attractive price.  Miguel Coca is the winemaker and his brother Alonso is taking care of the vineyards and marketing.  The principal variety is Syrah planted in 1992, while the Grenache and Carignan are from 40’s and 60’s respectively.  Montsant is the lesser known horseshoe region that encompasses the Priorat.  Here the climate is similarly arid, but the soil has its own unique mixture of slate, granite, sand, limestone and clay; each vineyard has a unique terroir.  Like its better-known counterpart, Montsant also boasts a tremendous number of 100+ year old vines.  In fact, 55% of the vines in Montsant are 20 years old; Priorat can “only” boast 40%.