DeLena’s 15 acres of estate owned vineyards are located in a small village of Lipovac, Serbia, in Šumadija wine region. Grape growing and wine production in this region go back as far as the Roman Ages. The Romans, who once ruled these territories, recognized the enormous potential for grape growing and determined local toponyms based on their grape vines. At a latitude of 44 degrees north of equator, the climate in the region resembles that of Bordeaux. DeLena’s vineyards are characterized by hilly terrain and soil composition consisting mainly of loam, clay and marlstone rich in calcium carbonate and other minerals. South-facing slopes receive plenty of direct sunlight. Elevation of 1,150 feet brings cool nights preserving grape’s natural acidity. Gently sloping vineyards provide unobstructed views of the church of St. George, a major tourist attraction located on top of the Oplenac hill in the nearby town of Topola. DeLena Vineyards & Winery is a boutique, family owned and operated winery with limited production. All wines are made exclusively using estate grown fruit which is hand-cultivated and harvested. Wines are produced and bottled on site at the brand new, state of the art winery adjacent to the estate vineyards. “DeLena” is a linguistic blend of two words originating from the names of the winery’s fifth generation winegrowers: Dejan and Jelena Avramović.