Janine Crochet started operations at the estate which bears her name in 1987.  In 2009 she was joined by her son Teddy at the 11.50 hectare vineyard which extends over several communes, including Bué and Sancerre.  They farm their vines using sustainable methods on soil composed mainly of limestone and flint.  Domaine Crochet attaches a great importance to the quality of the vines.  On the marl, flint soil they grow Sauvignon Blanc vineyards that are in average 25 years old. 

The Loire Valley is the historical heart of France, renowned for its beautiful countryside, breathtaking chateaux and legendary wine.  From the 10th century onwards, kings and queens have called it their home, promoting intellectual and cultural advancements.  Over the years the wines of Sancerre were considered to be the finest in the entire kingdom. There are three soil types found in Sancerre, terres blanches, which are clay and limestone soils rich in shellfish fossils, caillottes, pebbly limestone soils, and finally silex. Each soil type plays a significant role in the character of a wine's flavor.

website: www.lucien-crochet.fr