Giovanni Chiappini is a winemaker who owns a small family run estate in the rich countryside of Bolgheri. Giovanni was born in a farmer’s family, which immigrated to Bolgheri from a small village in Marche in 1954. After many years of working experience as a workman in 1978 Giovanni bought his own first piece of land near Strada Bolgherese, which is located right beside the famous Ornellaia estate. During next 18 years Chiappini acquired more land nearby which today form an estate’s production areas, where vines and olive trees are mostly cultivated following the local tradition. In the year 2000 the first bottles of wine were put on the market, and since then the family has made its good name not only for the good olive oil but also for the excellent wine. Giovanni Chiappini believes that it is the vine that makes the wine and therefore everything around them has to be looked after perfectly. Together with Bordeaux varieties traditional Sangiovese and Vermentino are also cultivated. His wines, due to the position of his land, reflect Bolgheri style, matching structure, perfume and elegance. Chiappini is in his way a “simple-guy” winemaker, who succeeded to transform his vast agricultural experience into ability to create noble wines, connecting modern Bolgheri style with an old Tuscan tradition.