Anton and Toni Katunar (father and son) of the town of Vrbnik have succeeded in recreating some of the unique local wines by combining the old family tradition with modern technology. As a result Katunar Vineyards now boast an impressive collection of white, red and sparkling wines. Like all wine production of the area by the end of 80-ies, the production of wine Katunar was directed at the local cooperative winery - because the cooperative until 1990 was the only possible way of doing business. In the 1990 Katunar Vineyards invested in new technology - combines the traditional island way with new viticulture practices in wine - among the first to introduce a controlled cold fermentation. Further to improve the quality and progress Katunar winery seeks to achieve by turning their own grape production controlled by environmental standards on typical sites, turning the indigenous grape varieties and traditional viticulture.