In the region of Piedmont, nestled on the ridge of a hill in the town of Barbaresco is the ancient home and vineyards of La Ca’ Növa which cover an area of 12 hectares.  Here three brothers, Pietro, Giulio, and Franco Rocca, give meaning to the fruit of their labors by producing some of the most beautiful Barbaresco available in the world today.  The vines are cultivated with competence and love by people who feel close to the land; a time honored tradition dating back through generations.  They are particularly selective in their methods of cultivation and do not expose their grapes to any chemical treatment.  Their cellar, while equipped with the most modern of wine producing techniques, is nevertheless built deep under the ground far from any noise or motion, where the temperature is stable.  Barbaresco must age a minimum of two years, one of which must be spent in oak barrels.  The wine must then settle to develop its finishing touches in the bottle, so the bottles then spend long, quiet months, or even years, in the farthest corners of the wine cellar.  Here you will find a warm atmosphere, the simplicity and the friendliness of the people together with the peace of the country-side all around.  Only the highest quality Barbaresco deserves the Rocca brothers' "La Ca’ Növa" label. "La Ca’ Növa" produces three bottlings from the estate, a Barbaresco Estate Bottled wine, a "Montestefano" Cru and a "Montefico" Cru.  All these wines are a triumph of experience and emotion.