Steve and Karen Lutz, along with a group of investors (HLC Wines LLC) launched Lenne Estate in 2002 dedicated to producing ultrapremium Pinot Noir from a 20.9-acre vineyard near the town of Yamhill, Oregon. The site is on low vigor sedimentary and volcanic soils and has many famous neighboring estates such as WillaKenzie, Shea Wine Cellars, Solena, Soter and Beaux Freres. Steve and another partner, Scott Huffman, had worked together at Anne Amie and searched for the perfect site since 1999. Together they laid out the vineyard and planted the first 10 acres of Pinot Noir (Dijon 115, 777 and Pommard) in 2001. Steve struck up a relationship with noted Oregon vintner, David O’Reilly, and the Lenne Estate wines are produced with in collaboration with O’Reilly at Owen Roe. At some point, Steve hopes to have a winery on site at the location of the current tasting room. Winemaking goes on with as little oxidation as possible. At most, 30% new French oak is used (20%-25% in 2007).