Founded in 1923 as Baudry Lebrun by Russian Princess Baudry this Epernay house was purchased in 2002 by Chancel family, also owners of the Chateau Val Joanis estate in the Rhone Valley. After the acquisition of Baudry Lebrun & Cie by the Chancel family, considerable investments were made to bring back the house to its former lustre. As a symbol of this rebirth, the name was changed to Louis Barthélémy. Combining tradition and innovation, Louis Barthélémy Champagnes embody a style that is surprisingly contemporary, bold and unique. Like a craftsman striving to unleash the beauty of precious stones, the Chancel family put all their energy and expertise into each wine, transforming them into unique and exceptional jewels. They make five different cuvees, each named after a precious stone. The wines are engaging in character; they spark conversation with their freshness and persistence of flavor.

website: www.louis-barthélé