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Attis Bodega y Viñedos was founded in 2001 by Fariña family and it is located in the center of the” Val del Salnés”, in Morouzos, a small village placed in the hillside of the Mount Penaguda, looking to the “Rías of Arousa and Pontevedra”, to only a few meters of the family house where, in his cellar, they have elaborated their wines until 2012, when they started to produce wines in the new build winery.  Totally integrated to the environment, the area of winemaking and aging is underground, dug in granitic stone, keeping the same temperature all the year.  Moreover, they use the most advanced technology in the control of fermentation temperature, in the filtration and in the bottling of their wines.  Attis working space has been improved with the intention of making different wines, using the variety Albariño and other autochthonous varieties: Caiño, Espadeiro, Sousón and Pedral. Attis vineyards are made up of different fields located at a height of between 100 and 400 meters, oriented towards the south and located on slopes where soils are predominantly sandy loam with lots of stone, deep roots do the perfect drainage, which is quite unusual because most of soils are sandy and not so deep.  The pruning is done in the month of February and sprouting begins with increasing temperatures in April, but starting blooming becomes more important to control the vineyards as it is exposed to diseases, with ecological treatments, we care of our vineyards until harvest time, which will take place in the month of September, this may be in the beginning or end of the month depending on weather conditions each year.  Jean-François Hébrard is the winemaker.