Azienda Agricola Punset is a small producer in the village of Neive, in Piedmont. Punset offers a production of wines true to the methods of organic agriculture. The vineyards are owned by Marcarino family since the ’t60s, when Renzo Marcarino introduced the first bottles on the market. With the passage of time, his daughter Marina took over from him and she is still in charge of winemaking. Marina Marcarino is the second generation to bottle and sell the family’ts wines. She converted to organic agriculture in the 1980s, making Punset one of the first in the region to do so. The production has been completely converted to organic growing methods in 1987. Today, Azienda Agricola Punset is still the only producer of Barbaresco biological recognized. They also make other wines: Barbera d’tAlba, Dolcetto d’tAlba doc, Langhe Rosso, Langhe Nebbiolo, Langhe Bianco and Langhe Arneis. In order to obtain always the best quality, is vinified only the first selection of grapes.