For over two decades, Mauro von Siebenthal, a Swiss lawyer and wine aficionado, had a dream. In 1998, with the financial support of four friends, Viña von Siebenthal finally became a reality. Viña von Siebenthal's harmonious philosophy has produced an extremely elegant wine which eloquently expresses the extraordinary characteristic of the Valle de Aconcagua terroir. The philosophy behind Viña von Siebenthal is similar to that of the Bordeaux chateaux; vineyards, cellar and house blend together harmoniously to facilitate the creation of an exceptional wine. Through careful study of soil and sunlight exposure, the winemaking team will determine the areas best suited to the various grapes. For the Merlot and the Cabernet Franc it is the cool clay-limestone soil of the plains, while the warm sandy, stony soil of the hills is ideally suited for the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Syrah, the Carménère and the Petit Verdot. The vines are cultivated using organic farming principles and careful respect for the environment. The yield is drastically reduced to intensify the aroma of the grapes. The harvest is done during the early hours of the morning to avoid micro fermentation. The vinification process starts immediately after the harvest. Mauro von Siebenthal designs all of the wines. He decides what kinds of wine he wants to produce, what they will look like (in terms of composition, presentation) and how much of each wine will be produced as well as when they will be released. He supervises the entire process. For the technical aspects, he gets support from visiting enologist Stefano Gandolini. The enologist in residence at the winery, Darwin Oyarce, puts all of this into practice in the vineyards and at the winery.