Alan grew up in the west country of England drinking real ale, proper cider and whatever landed on the dinner table. Being European, his exposure to wine came at an early age, although mainly consisted of private label Italian jug wine, Rose D'Anjou and his father’s wayward homemade efforts. Alan left school early after playing extensively with his father’s jazz band in local pubs, before a brief stint at horticultural college and finally moving to London with the core of the band that would eventually bring him to America.

Once there, he augmented his meager musical earnings with stints in pest control, stage lighting and bar tending. As luck would have it, a musical acquaintance was able to secure him a position at Sam's Wines and Spirits, where a crash course with the best minds in the business instilled a love of all things regarding the noble vine. When Alan is not continuing his job related research, he still plays and records whenever possible, keeping a hand in landscaping and cooking for his lovely wife. Alan will drink absolutely any wine, but will usually finish the Cabernet Franc first.

Alan joined Novovino in August of 2018.