Winemaker Lance Baer founded Baer Winery in 2000 with a single passionÑto bring something unique to Woodinville. After years of working with some of the most prestigious wineries in the area, Lance wanted to take his winemaking skills in his own, creative, direction. Lance succeeded in handcrafting blends distinctly his own, and in April 2003 the winery’s signature blend, Ursa, was released. As operations moved from an apartment in Redmond to a converted property on six rural acres in Woodinville and the winery was able to grow in production. Lance’s passion went from just 200 cases in 2003 to over 2,000 cases now. In late 2007, Baer Winery moved into the popular wine complex near downtown Woodinville. Sadly, Lance Baer passed away in May of 2007, at the too young age of 39, but the Baer family, Lisa and Les, and the contingent of friends and volunteers who are passionate about wine are continuing to produce the wines that Lance was devoted to creating. Though Lance was always a self-proclaimed control freak he created a community at Baer Winery of family, friends, and other helping hands who are passionate about wine and share his vision to offer something just a little different.