Aniello began as a project in 2010, when the first property was bought.  This was an existing vineyard planted back in 1998, in the Mainque district, Upper Rio Negro Valley. In a stunning turn of the river that gives name to the Valley lies one of the most spectacular vineyards of Argentina.  Bodega Aniello is a small winery looking to explore the value of the ancient winemaking tradition of Patagonia, while keeping contact with the Italian roots of its members.  These, attracted by the quality and personality of the wines of the region, decide to buy the first estate, called 006 and located in the district of Mainque, Upper Rio Negro Valley.  In a second stage, another 20 hectare estate with an old winery within was bought.  The winery was originally built in 1927, and the estate had 1 hectare of old vineyards planted back in 1932 and 4 hectares planted in 1947, all of a masale selection of pre phylloxera Malbec.  Robert Brittan is the winemaker.