Altanza began its story in 1998 as synonym of quality and dedicated exclusively to top Reserva wines. Since then, their goal has been to offer the best possible quality wine at a sensible price. Located in Fuenmayor (Rioja Alta), they strive to combine tradition and modernity.

All reds are 100% Tempranillo, the “queen” of Rioja varieties and the most popular in Spain, because it gives wines great body and structure. Tradition is not only reflected in the beautiful main building and French gardens, but in certain wine making features, like the choice of vertical presses for the extra value added to the ageing process by nine 22,000L Allier vats.

Technology can mainly be seen in their stainless-steel tanks of several sizes, which allows for a better, more flexible “personalization”, all equipped with temperature-control jackets and surveyed by a control panel. The Altanza Estate spans 300 ha. (740 acres), 220 of which are vineyards. The estate provides 60% of the total amount of grapes they need; the rest follows a strict selection process.