In the heart of Vallagarina, situated in the province of Trento, Armani vineyards are nestled between the Monte Baldo mountain range and the Lessinia hills, with the Adige river cutting down through the middle. The Albino Armani family has been living in this valley for at least six centuries, and growing vine for 400 years, as is proven by a legal document dated 1607, in which Simone Armani bequeaths his estate, consisting of –arbori e vigne” (trees and grapevines), to his son Domenico. The vineyards step downwards from the mountain towards the river, and the soil varies from morainic to alluvial. The perspective of Armani company is inspired by a simple but powerful notion: to respect this land, situated in a unique area of the world, where winemaking is precious, a gift of God, and something to be protected by making precise decisions, which are never the easy ones. The results are wines a far cry from being usual: they are secrets waiting to be discovered.