While Dusky Goose has maintained a low profile and very limited production over the last few years, its Pinot Noir is considered one of the best made in Oregon.  The wine is made exclusively from the owner’s estate vineyard, Dundee Hills Vineyard, by consulting winemaker Lynn Penner-Ash.  It is one of the oldest vineyards in Oregon and has produced some of the best wines in the past.  Penner-Ash should know this vineyard very well: she worked with the vineyard’s fruit at Rex Hill from 1988 to 1996, and today makes Pinot Noir from the site for both the Dusky Goose label and her own Penner-Ash Wine Cellars.  The owners of Dusky Goose Wines, Linda and John Carter, purchased land adjacent to the Dundee Hill Vineyard in 2001 and hired Lynn Penner-Ash and vineyard manager Andy Humphrey to plan and plant a new vineyard, named Rambuillet Vineyard.  It came into production with 2004 vintage, and the first wines from this site will be released in fall 2006.

website: www.duskygoose.com