On the land called San Francesco, in the Cirò area of Calabria, a monastery was established in 1578, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.  This monastery was taken away from the Church in 1770 by an ordinance of Emperor Ferdinand IV.  Upon such ordinance all the feuds previously belonged to the monks were put to auction and, on July 4th 1777, they were assigned to the noble Caparra-Siciliani family from the village of Cirò.  Since those remote times, the vines and the olive trees planted by the monks have kept producing fine wines and exquisite olive oils, and are still managed today by the same Caparra-Siciliani family.  Fattoria San Francesco produces a comprehensive range of traditional Calabrian whites, rosé and red wines from the native Gaglioppo and Greco grapes in the heart of Calabria's flag-appellation, Cirò D.O.C.

website: www.fattoriasanfrancesco.it