Bodegas Gancedo is a small family winery located in Quilos. Ginés Fernandez and Juani Gancedo have 12 hectares of old Mencía and Godello vineyards in small plots in the foothills of the mountains surrounding Quilos. Most of the vines (80%) are at least 60 years old. The production is small, less then 1,000 cases, but Ginés and Juani make some of the most beautiful and unique wines in Bierzo. Ginés Fernandez is one of the most prestigious grape growers of the Bierzo and the supplier of luxury grapes to other Bierzo bodegas during past years. All work is done manually; no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used. At an average production of about 2 lbs per vine, the yield is dramatically lower than the average in the appellation.