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The Juris Winery is located in the historic center of Gols on the Lake Neusiedler in Burgenland.  Burgenland, and especially this region around the lake, is the warmest part of Austria counting the most hours of sunshine annually.  The Stiegelmar family has been cultivating grapes in this wine area for generations.  The earliest records of the Stiegelmar winery are documented in a family prayer book and dated 1571.  Today the Juris vineyards are located in the best locations of the Gols district.  Georg Stiegelmar began with the production of high quality noble sweet wines parallel to his takeover of the family winery in 1965.  As time passed the significance of red wine, production grew and now makes up 80% of the total wines.  White wines and sweet wines receive equal care and attention although they make up only 20% of production.  The vineyards include all of Austria’s most important red wine varieties, but special focus is given the grapes of the Burgundy family, St. Laurent and Pinot Noir.  The classic varieties Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc play the main role for the white wines.

website: www.juris.at