In 1895, the two brothers François and Albert Moingeon, vignerons in Pommard, founded MOINGEON in Nuits-Saint-Georges. In 1922, Pierre Moingeon, the only son of Albert, took the helm of the company together with Pierre Barbier, the husband of Hélène Moingeon, François and Louise’s daughter.  Pierre Barbier, an engineer by trade, registered many patents which would revolutionize the “Champagne Method” including an automatic “pupitre” which automatically and slowly turn the bottle upside down in order to bring the sediment to the neck (process known as dégorgement), prototype of today’s Giro-palette. In 1975, the company was officially renamed La Maison du Crémant following the decree which awarded the A.O.C. to white and rosé sparkling wines produced from vineyards within Burgundy.  More than a century of knowledge and experience has made La Maison du Crémant one of the leading producers of Crémant de Bourgogne.  The wines of La Maison du Crémant are distinctive by their authentic characteristics and quality.

Vincent Sauvestre took over the running of the company in June 2003.  The wines producing Crémant de Bourgogne are entitled to a yield of 8 500 bottles per hectare (2.5 acres) which is the lowest for any sparkling appellation wine.  At the time of the pressing, only 100 liters of juice may be extracted from every 150 kilograms of grapes. Any excess is put aside (e.g. for distillation).