Forty-four years ago, Lupe Maldonado moved to California from Atacheo, a small farming community in Mexico. In 1971, Lupe was working for Sterling Vineyards when Peter Newton offered Lupe the opportunity to join him in the creation of a new winery. With Newton, Lupe found a home where he proudly dedicated all his energy for over thirty years. When he eventually retired from Newton, his son, Hugo Maldonado, succeeded him. The winemaker is Abe Schoener (Scholium Project), a close and dear friend of the family. Much like his friend and mentor, John Kongsgaard, Abe looks at vineyards and winemaking from an incredibly creative and interesting point of view. His non-interventionist techniques yield some of the most amazing and intriguing wines to emerge from California. Since the premiere release of the 2002 two years ago, comparisons with the likes of Kistler, Peter Michael, and Marcassin have become so common that it's only a matter of time before this wine is on every serious Chardonnay fan's short list, and even on the lists of adventurous lovers of white Burgundy.