Since 1870 Braidot family has dedicated itself with perseverance and devotion to farming. Today the estate extends to cover an area of 100 hectares (247 acres); 80 of which are vineyards and 20 are fitted for sowing, wood and vegetable produce.  From a careful selection of our grapes, the wines grow with unique frangrances, which are typical of the Friuli lands; plain and raffinate wines and elegant ones at the same time with respect for traditions.  Thanks to our hard work, tenacity, passion and our plenty devotion to the land we have always developed in a current way a winery firmly rooted in its traditions.  Wine Cellar is located at main promised in Versa di Romana d’Isonzo.  Mitja Juvetič takes care of all production stages from vineyard to the finished bottled product.  Matteo Bridot winery produces about 50,000 annually.