Laso Galbis family was involved in wine making during sixties and seventies in Casa Gran and Venta San Cristóbal.  They also had the ownership of the vineyards controlling the whole process.  A new project called Pago Casa Gran was born in 2006 placed in the estate Casa Gran where the old winery used to be but with new facilities designed to keep the properties of the grapes that have been obtained from the vines.  All grapes have been grown in the estate vineyards Casa Gran, Casa Benasal and a few kilometers away vineyard called Altet de la Ampolla.  All vineyards are located in the valley called Las Alcuzas, Mogente, Valencia.  The wine cellar has been designed to avoid the use of pumps.  The grapes, juice and the wine in process are not pumped; they use a bridge crane and carrying a 20 hl tanks.  The philosophy behind this project consist of obtaining balance in the vineyards to get the best grapes, then in the winery they try to use as little as possible intervention.  Falcata is the name of an old Iberian sword that was personal and non-transferable.  It was made the same length as the arm of the warrior and was buried with him.  Carlos Laso is the winemaker.