In 2007, more than 215,000 tourists from the U.S. and Canada visited Croatia—up 17% from 2006.  Old Dubrovnik is a popular attraction and a destination for cruise ships, while the hundreds of miles of Adriatic coastline between Dubrovnik in the south and Istria in the north are the focus of the jet-set and vacationers who want to explore the more than 1,800 islands (66 of them inhabited).  Croatian wines certainly belong to some of the best wines in the world.  The coastline and islands represent one of two large wine producing areas in Croatia.  In 2009, Croatia shocked the wine world by walking away with eight gold medals at the prestigious Decanter Wine Awards, beating out such stalwarts as Chile and New Zealand.  The best Babić vineyards are located near the towns of Šibenik and Primošten and yield very low amounts of grape per vine.  Babić wines from this region have earthy dark fruit character with spicy aromas of plum, black berries, figs, tobacco and Dalmatian herbs.  The owner and winemaker is Ivica Piližota.