Jose Lobo de Vasconcellos’ family built their winery almost 200 years ago on their large estate on the south bank of the Tejo River in the flatlands of the Ribatejano region. Jose renovated the winery in 2003 and launched several new labels. Quinta do Casal Branco still uses traditional old ’lagares’ to crush the grapes for their finest red wines, while using modern technology to control quality in all aspects of wine production. It has an area of 660 ha of which 140 are under vines. The existing vineyards are predominantly out of Portuguese varieties such as the white “Fern‹o Pires“. The red wines are produced basically out of “Trincadeira“, “Castel‹o“, “Touriga Nacional“; and more recently Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Alicante and Syrah. The Vinification is carefully done at the old winery, which is a building dating from the XVIII century, adapted to the new techniques, essential to respect and take the best out of the potential quality of the grapes.