The Skipstone Vineyard encompasses 30 organically farmed acres forming an amphitheater shape surrounded by steep mountain slopes.  An ambitious redevelopment of the vineyard was undertaken upon the discovery of the site, and new viticultural practices were implemented after “listening” to the vineyard through extensive evaluation.  The unique bowl shape of the isolated vineyard offers great diversity of terrain and soil types. Extensive soil studies were conducted throughout the vineyard allowing us to partition the site into a total of 42 micro blocks so as to farm with precision on the single vine level.  The entire annual production offers an exceptionally low average of 2 tons per acre.  Skipstone is owned by venture capitalist Fahri Diner.  In 2003, Fahri recruited highly-regarded organic farming consultant Amigo Bob Cantisano to help develop standards specifically tailored to the diverse geography and terroir of Skipstone.  A specialist in organic farming since 1972, Amigo Bob has worked closely with many of Napa and Sonoma’s most prestigious vineyards and wineries.  Consulting oenologist Philippe Melka oversees winemaking.