The Spagnol are a family of winemakers in the heart of the zone famous for the production of Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore.  Wine producers since the early twentieth century, they began using the sparkling process when making their wine in 1986. Today, their 32 hectares of vineyards stretch over the hills and slopes of the most prestigious towns in this DOCG territory.  The vineyard dubbed "Col del Sas" located on the hill of the same name in the territory of Valdobbiadene, embodies the family history.  Their brand name reflects this, as it unites the family surname with the name of their land: Spagnol/Col del Sas.  Every new Purchase Order is produced “fresh on demand”, meaning the Prosecco is always guaranteed freshly disgorged & fresh from the fermentation vats and bottled on demand. This is never the case with cheap ‘industrial Procecco’ from the usual big cellars who usually do 3 or 4 production runs +  bottling runs every year and keep a huge safety stocks of pre-disgorged / pre-bottled Prosecco.  The Spagnol/Col del Sas Prosecco is always fresh, tangy, and delicately citrusy, in a way those cheaper industrial Prosecco can’t be.  100% estate vineyards are located within the tiny Valdobbiadene DOCG top-quality production area where the vineyards are perched on super steep, terraced hill slopes.  The compact rocky soil of the steep Valdobbiadene hills make the resulting Prosecco taste very mineral, salty, stony, which counter balances the exuberant fruity varietal aromas and the slight residual sugar in the Extra-Dry and Dry versions.  Marco Spagnol goes for a longer-than-average secondary fermentation in the pressure tanks (up to 6 months vs average 3 months for most Prosecco producers), and he likes to keep the carbonic pressure to the minimum level allowed by the Prosecco DOC production code, in order to obtain a very creamy, dense, long-lasting miniaturized froth.