In renowned Marlborough wine region, Ten Sisters Vineyards stands out with its limited production and single-vineyard sourcing. Their winery is named for the ten daughters and one brother of the King family, who is fourth-generation New Zealanders and own the vineyards. From Marlborough, the region of the world that is known to produce the best Sauvignon Blanc and Ten Sisters does everything possible to make their wines top quality. In Marlborough's ideal growing conditions, careful tending of the grapes promotes their natural vigor. By keeping the grape production per acre low, the grapes grow to their best potential. In the early growth stage, only the best grapes are left on the vine to ripen, with the rest removed. To further increase flavor, a small portion of leaves are plucked in order to give the grapes balanced sunshine. Finally, before harvesting, substandard grapes are again removed.

Winemaker Scott Berry's style reflects his training in Sancerre and makes Ten Sisters unique, yet still typical of Marlborough.